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BRIAN KIDD: Just perfect for winter: these orchids love central heating

A visit to a good garden centre is enhanced when there is a display of phalaenopsis orchids.

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Not just for vampires. Garlic paste will keep cats at bay too.

BRIAN KIDD: Readers’ questions and jobs for this weekend

Your problems solved by our horticultural wizard as well as a whole list of jobs - yes, even in November.

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Bulb fields in all their glory are one of the most stunning sights in horticulture.

BRIAN KIDD: Tulips might have faded from fashion, but we love them!

In the 1960s we grew more tulips in fields in eastern parts of England than were grown in Holland.

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Cherry tree Stella

BRIAN KIDD: Gardening jobs for the weekend and your problems solved

Our horticultural hotshot dips into his inbox and sets you to work

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Make a clean cut just below a leaf joint.

BRIAN KIDD: Now is the perfect time to take your hardwood cuttings

The weather has stopped work at the allotment, but last weekend I picked a dozen lovely runner beans.

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Brain recommends pea Feltham First.

BRIAN KIDD: How do I save my 50p orchid?

Our gardening expert solves your problems and has a list of jobs for you this weekend

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Narcissus Geranium.

BRIAN KIDD: Dripping gutters? Then you need primula denticulata...

Let’s have a look at a few plants which will give us a spring to look forward to.

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