NOSTALGIA: A red bluestocking at Portsmouth Grammar School

The announcement of the appointment of the first female head of Portsmouth Grammar School, Dr Anne Cotton, has prompted the school’s archivist, JOHN SADDEN, to share some of his research on the school’s first female teacher.

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News 1
The junction of London Road, North End, and Gladys Avenue, 1976.

NOSTALGIA: Another one bites the dust: do you remember Rumbelows?

Today a final look at a couple of the photographs from News columnist Bob Hind’s new book Portsmouth in Transition.

The long-gone but well remembered Hayling Billy prepares to leave Langstone Halt heading for Havant.

NOSTALGIA: The train now leaving Langstone – is causing long traffic jams

We continue today with some of the photographs from my colleague Bob Hind’s new book Portsmouth in Transition.

Hawk Street, Portsea, looking west towards Queen Street. PPP-160825-191930001

NOSTALGIA: Portsea – ‘A population that bears the hallmark of poverty’

Earlier this week I reported here about the discovery John Hayes made behind a fireplace in his Cosham home – a time capsule of pictures and newspapers revealing the history of his house.

HMS Portchester Castle leaving Portsmouth in June 1952.

NOSTALGIA: ‘Cruel’ corvette killer of U-boats that became star of four films

On Saturday between 10am and 4.30pm the Portchester Civic Society is holding its annual exhibition Memories of Portchester in the Parish Hall, Castle Street.

This picture was among those found behind the fireplace. It looks  as if its of First World War vintage and might have been taken at one of the forts on Portsdown Hill. John Hayes thinks one of the soldiers might be H Norris Jnr. Do you recognise any of the faces?

NOSTALGIA: The Portsmouth house that Henry built

All John Hayes wanted to do was make space for a new cooker in a boarded up old fireplace.

Heritage 1
Portsmouth Society Design Award Best Restoration Winner Buckingham House. Picture: Jonty Sexton

AND THE WINNERS ARE... Portsmouth’s top buildings of the year

TWO ‘outstanding’ and historic Old Portsmouth buildings have clinched leading design awards.

Whats on 2
HMS Victorious leaving Portsmouth.

NOSTALGIA: Send her Victorious

Here’s a spectacular picture of HMS Victorious leaving Portsmouth during the 1960s posted on the Memories of Bygone Portsmouth Facebook page.

Peter Powell on Southsea Common in 1982 during the Radio 1 Roadshow.

NOSTALGIA: Roadshow mug thrown into the crowd ended with stitches to head

When the Radio 1 Roadshow came to town Remember When reader Richard Boryer was in the crowd.

One of the Lego robots made at St John's College

Robot wars break out among teachers in the classroom

Teachers went back to school to get wired – in a bid to build robots.

A J Salmon Postcard of HMS Victory

NOSTALGIA: Rise of selfie leads to demise of oldest publisher of postcards

Britain’s oldest postcard publisher is closing after almost 140 years because of the rise of the selfie.

Portsmouth in 1717 (from William Gates History of Portsmouth, 1900)

NOSTALGIA: A seed of learning planted 300 years ago that’s blossomed into Portsmouth Grammar School

This week marks the three hundredth anniversary of the planting of a seed.

Heritage 1
Commercial Road with the old Royal Hospital in the centre of the picture and the Odeon cinema, bottom right.

NOSTALGIA: Boy, 14, took historic pictures with ‘cheap’, fixed lens camera

When reader Barry Lovett was 14 he had what he calls a ‘cheap, fixed lens camera’.


NOSTALGIA: The most devastating storm in nearly 300 years

Thirty years ago tomorrow morning the chatter in workplaces across this area was all about the weather.

Happy memories... Joannas nightclub on the seafront at Southsea

NOSTALGIA: Happy memories of The Crystal Lounge and the Honky Tonk Club in Portsmouth

Acouple of weeks ago we published a picture of the old Savoy Buildings opposite South Parade Pier, Southsea, comparing them to the development which has just replaced it.

Heritage 1
The reverse of the mug displaying the citys crest.

NOSTALGIA: Made for Portsmouth – the royal souvenir beaker sold for 50p

This souvenir beaker was one of 45,000 given to schoolchildren in Portsmouth during the coronation festivities for George V and Queen Mary on June 22, 1911.

Sailors from HMS Chamois after coaling ship.

NOSTALGIA: Coal-powered warship sunk by her own propellor

I recently published a photo of men coaling ship in the days when ships were all powered by furnaces.

Three biplanes  over Malta . The picture was taken from a fourth. Below  is battleship row in Grand Harbour. Six battleships can be seen along with the floating dock (far left). A cruiser and destroyer are at the bottom.

NOSTALGIA: The might of the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet in Malta

We’re off to the Med today and three superb pictures which will stir the hearts of many of you who served in Malta and lots of you who simply have an interest in the Royal Navy.

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