Zella Compton

ZELLA COMPTON: A 21st century curse – how does a family manage the TV recorder?

You know those days when you look through the seventy-seven million channels on your telly and you still can’t find anything to watch? Yes, you do.

Lucie Jones and David Barrett in Legally Blonde. Picture by Robert Workman

REVIEW: Legally Blonde at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

Legally Blonde tells the story of pseudo-ditzy Elle Woods who goes to law school to try and re-snag her boyfriend who’s left her for a more serious future.

Sky's Christmas ad

ZELLA COMPTON: I am 16 going on 26, 46, 66...

The Christmas adverts have struck, and at the top of the pile for me is Sky and its depiction of watching the Sound of Music through the years.

Women have inordinate problems buying jeans - allegedly!

ZELLA COMPTON: Revealed – why women take so long to buy clothes

Men, here’s a question or two for you. If you had to go shopping for a new pair of trousers and the store only sold them in one length, no matter what your height was, would you accept it?

Keep calm and merge in turn

ZELLA COMPTON: Merge in turn – it’s not that difficult

Okay, this is not hard to figure out. If there are two lanes going through roadworks, or coming off a roundabout, or whatever, that generally means they are there to be used.

Opinion 1
Wonder Woman

ZELLA COMPTON: I was inspired by the female superhero of my childhood

I’ve been looking forward to seeing the new Wonder Woman movie for a very long time.

Get out and vote, says Zella

ZELLA COMPTON: Go out and vote - and don’t let anything hold you back

Tomorrow is the big day, the General Election.

President Donald Trump shakes hands with 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuchce  Picture: AP/Carolyn Kaster

ZELLA COMPTON: After three bike thefts in 10 months, I’ve had enough

My bike has just been stolen for the third time in 10 months.

After the rain

ZELLA COMPTON: Cyber attack makes us think about reliance on technology

When a cyber security threat hits the country, it really makes you reflect on what’s on your laptop or desktop computer and where you’d be without them.

Drones are becoming widespread

ZELLA COMPTON: Booking a flight is modern day torture of the mind

Is there anything worse than trying to book a flight over the internet?

Portsmouth Roller Wenches in action

ZELLA COMPTON: Hats off to teenagers for how they raise charity cash

Remember when you were a child and you did a sponsored swim, or a sponsored silence?

The Mary Rose's timbers

ZELLA COMPTON:The Mary Rose’s contents and people reach down the years

In January this year I received the amazing news that the Arts Council was going to give me a grant to research and write a piece of theatre about the Mary Rose.

Boaty McBoatface the submarine

So what are they hoping to get from a 15-year-old girl?

Here’s an interesting thing. FedEx is threatening my 15-year-old daughter with debt collectors.

Emma Watson

Showing relationships just as they are in everyday life

Whoever would have thought that Disney films would be accused of promoting sexual perversion?

I’ve got a bone to pick over mobile phone safety buffers

I’ve got a bone to pick over mobile phone safety buffers

The words buffer and buffering can be used in many conversations, from trains to the internet and more. But today I want to discuss the nature of safety buffers with regard to mobile phones.

Mary Whitehouse

We need a symbol to find TV content without nudity

When Channel Four first aired, I distinctly remember that there was a symbol in the corner of some programmes, at the top left I think.

Zella hates buying train tickets

I just want one train ticket price for the time I need to go

Train tickets and what to do about them would be a great title for a book.

Donald Trump with Theresa May

ZELLA COMPTON: Trump rewinding time is just like a dystopian novel

In times like these, there is only one thing to be done – and that’s to get away from national newspapers, the web and social media for at least an hour a day.

Fish fingers

ZELLA COMPTON: Finding my dog has proved the value of microchipping

Never has the value of microchipping an animal been proved to me more than last weekend when my dog was startled by a gun firing and bolted – a long distance.


ZELLA COMPTON: Visiting No. 6 Cinema was an enjoyable adventure

I ventured over the water from Gosport last weekend to finally visit No. 6 Cinema in the dockyard.

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