Verity Lush

VERITY LUSH: Don’t blame gran for kids munching on e-numbers

There is much ado about grandparents in the news this week, and the havoc they are apparently wreaking on the health of our offspring.


VERITY LUSH: Do we really communicate much better than animals?

As a teacher, I focus substantially on developing the thinking skills of students with whom I work.

Beware of overworking

VERITY LUSH: If you try your best, then what more can be asked?

Do you achieve a work/life balance? (I hear you laugh incredulously).

Verity Lush

VERITY LUSH: Trail running is just like being a kid all over again

My husband and I enjoy running (or at least I enjoy it once I’ve finished), and have started trail running as opposed to always bashing out the miles on the pavement.

Sleep is crucial to human health

VERITY LUSH: All of this stress - just to provide a set of statistics

My eldest daughter will have taken her SATs by the time this goes to print.

Verity has been having a clearout

VERITY LUSH: Task of getting rid of The Stuff has been so daunting

Us human beings are awfully good at storing Stuff. Or, hoarding.

Playing in the street in the 1970s

VERITY LUSH: I’m concerned about giving my children more freedom

When I was young, my friends and I were out and about on our own. I could cross a road, tootle to the park, ride my bike and generally be trusted.

Daffodils in the sunshine

VERITY LUSH: Unrealistic to think we can blanket cover moral issues

The age of criminality in England is 10. This means that a child under the age of 10 cannot be arrested, or charged, with a crime.

The Great South Run

We run just as much with our minds as our bodies

If you have ever been a runner, then you will know what it is to look, longingly, at those who are still runners.

Too much tech can affect sleep

VERITY LUSH: Parenting is too subjective to enforce others’ opinions

The BBC’s Panorama covered the issue of sleep last week, specifically how much sleep our children get (or don’t get).

Sarah Beeny

VERITY LUSH: I’m not sure that Sarah’s list provides a full picture

This seemed akin to filming Guildhall Walk at midnight on a Friday and using it on Right Move to flog houses

Verity Lush

When do we truly switch off and accept ourselves?

It’s hard in life to believe that anything is ever good enough.

Verity (far right) at the boot camp

I’m glad I was a teenager before days of Facebook

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but I wonder how many adults actually celebrate it?

22 March 2016.......   Real home 
Emily Bronty in the Earnshaw Room at Ponden Hall,  near Haworth belonging to Steve Brown and Julie Akhurst. 
This is the place that inspired the Brontes. Picture Tony Johnson YPN-160323-074247069

Reading a book provides a particular kind of pleasure

Books provide a particular kind of pleasure, don’t they?

Verity Lush

VERITY LUSH: We should praise excellent customer service

Customer service can make or break a business – or at least, the local reputation of it.

Verity (right) with friend Lenka and group leader Justine Holland-Reynolds

Being near the sea is the main reason I love it here

Out of the many things that I love about Portsmouth, the proximity of the sea has to be numero uno.

Simon Callow

Life’s always unpredictable and preparing to trip us up

And lo, I am 40! Obviously, my life is therefore sorted.

Verity's friends have gone on leg-shaving strike

VERITY LUSH: Complaining is tricky, but sometimes you just have to

As a nation, do we complain too much? Or do we moan about the wrong things – such as the weather – and keep our mouths shut about things such as bad service, all because of our ingrained British politeness?

The cast of Jack and the Beanstalk

How we rise to challenges is what really matters

A new year is upon us. They seem to disappear with alarming and increasing speed.


I wish all festive facilitators a relaxing one - from 7pm

Warning: generalisation ahead. If you are a woman, then chances are that you have, like me, facilitated Christmas for one and all around you.

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