Anger over condensation and damp problems

ANGRY Lynn Warner next to the leak. Picture: Paul Jacobs (14263-1)
ANGRY Lynn Warner next to the leak. Picture: Paul Jacobs (14263-1)
The crane picking up the Mary Rose.  Picture by Christopher Dobbs

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MUM Lynn Warner has criticised her housing association for a delay in fixing her damp floor.

Despite decorating the Guinness Hermitage property, in Blackmoor Walk, West Leigh, Mrs Warner has been unable to lay carpets because of a major leak coming through the porch.

She says her house has been freezing cold throughout the winter because of this.

Mrs Warner, 53, also complained that condensation problems have not been sorted out and are irritating her and her son’s asthma.

But the company says they are complex problems to fix.

Maintenance manager John Hyslop said: ‘Problems of water ingress and damp involve a process of elimination in being able to resolve the problem.

‘This means we have had to carry out several jobs to try to resolve the problem and, unfortunately, this does take time.

‘Additionally, the weather has been extremely wet over the last couple of months which has delayed some external works being carried out.’