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CHRISTMAS is coming – and a Mitsubishi dealership in Portsmouth has been getting into the spirit of giving.

Seward Mitsubishi donated a £300 Champneys spa day voucher to the Chichester branch of John Lewis in return for being allowed to display an Outlander PHEV, ASX, and Mirage 3 in front of the store over the weekend.

The voucher will be a prize in a Friends and Family event to be held by John Lewis for its partners including Waitrose in the run-up to Christmas.

John Buckham, general sales manager at the Bilton Way dealership, said: ‘The Christmas season kicks off this weekend here at John Lewis in Chichester, they’ve got their television campaign with Monty the Penguin, there’s the kind of customer that comes and visits John Lewis, and Chichester as well. Put all those things together and you probably get the perfect Mitsubishi customer.’