Business people urged to help save Pompey

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BUSINESS people are being urged to support their community by helping to save Portsmouth Football Club.

The Pompey Supporters’ Trust is urging business people to buy shares in the trust and help get the ball rolling for a fans’ buy-out of the club.

Under the trust’s fans-backed takeover plans, supporters are asked to make a £100 payment into an escrow account, held by Verisona Solicitors based in North Harbour.

If the scheme is popular, the community shares will be sold at £1,000, minus the initial £100 deposit.

The trust said it was aware how badly the local business community had been affected by Pompey going into administration twice in three seasons.

PST spokesman Scott Mclachlan said: ‘It is imperative that we call on every aspect of Portsmouth as a city to help Pompey survive and the local businesses will be key to that.’

To find out more about the pre-share scheme, see