‘Decaying buildings have impact on communities,’ says Portsmouth South MP

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PORTSMOUTH South MP Mike Hancock has raised his concern over the ‘devastating effect’ that derelict and abandoned buildings have on local communities.

An early day motion, sponsored by Mr Hancock and supported by a cross-party group of MPs, has been put before Parliament to raise the issue.

The motion raises the impact that these buildings have on many communities, which the group says are impacting negatively on business, posing serious health and safety risks and having a terrible impact on the local landscape.

Mr Hancock said: ‘Derelict and abandoned buildings are not only an eyesore for those in the community, but can pose a real danger to those who enter them, including homeless and younger people.

‘With so many buildings being bought in the hope that they can be developed later, we are often stuck with decaying, dangerous buildings, and areas which are underdeveloped.’