Diver in HMS St Albans rescue dies in hospital

HMS St Albans
HMS St Albans
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A DIVER who was rescued with the help of HMS St Albans off the coast of south Devon has died in hospital.

The 65-year-old man – whose identity has not yet been disclosed – was pronounced dead on Saturday upon his arrival at Dorchester Hospital, in Dorset.

He is believed to have been diving off the coast near Salcombe, in Devon, when he got into difficulties.

The man was forced to make a dangerous rapid ascent from a depth of 197ft, and was badly affected by the change in pressure.

The crew of his diving boat pulled him back on board and issued a Mayday signal at around 1.15pm.

HMS St Albans, pictured, which was in the area on manoeuvres, responded to the Mayday call shortly afterwards, according to the Brixham Coastguard.

After being brought on board the warship the diver was airlifted to hospital in Dorchester, Dorset, for decompression treatment, but could not be saved.

HMS St Albans is a type 23 frigate based in Portsmouth.