Eddie Izzard in city event to spread pro-EU message

Eddie Izzard brings his Stand Up For Europe campaign tour to Portsmouth on Tuesday

Eddie Izzard brings his Stand Up For Europe campaign tour to Portsmouth on Tuesday

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Artists impression of the Solent Freedom Tunnel portal at Whippingham, IOW. 
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The Able Connections proposal is to create a new North-South axis through the centre of the Solent region by constructing a tunnel from the M27 east of junction 9 to the Whippingham roundabout on the Isle of Wight, with an additional access intersection 'cut and cover' portal near the mainland coast between Browndown and Meon.  (options being discussed). The scheme brings a range of benefits to the region, including a step change in the connectivity of the Solents emerging mass transit public transport network, reduced highway congestion, reduced HGVs in city centres, new habitat for wildlife and public amenity, agglomeration benefits for industries in the Aerospace, Marine Defence and Composites sectors and other major employers in south Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, as well as improved accessibility for tourists to the island. The scheme

Striking first look at proposed £1.2bn tunnel between Isle of Wight and M27

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Eddie Izzard is coming to Portsmouth to convince voters to keep Britain in the EU.

The popular stand-up comedian will speak at the University of Portsmouth as part of his Stand Up For Europe campaign tour.

He will urging the electorate, particularly young people, to exercise their right to vote ahead of the EU referendum on June 23.

Eddie will present his pro-EU arguments to a sold-out audience at the university on Tuesday – the deadline day for people to register to vote.

Eddie said: ‘We know the overwhelming majority of young people want to stay in Europe because of the opportunities it presents to work, to study and to travel.

‘But if they are not registered, they can’t vote and those opportunities will be taken away without them getting to have their say.’

The university has confirmed a representative of the pro-Brexit Vote Leave campaign will also speak at the event, to ensure a fair and balanced debate.

Vice-chancellor Graham Galbraith said: ‘It is important we encourage and support open debate on such important issues and I am looking forward to hearing what will no doubt be a robust discussion.

‘This is an issue which has the potential to change our lives in Britain and alter fundamentally the operation of the University of Portsmouth, our research and teaching activities and the way we interact with Europe and internationally.’

The Stand Up For Europe campaign tour, which kicked off last month in Birmingham, will see Eddie travel to 31 UK cities in 31 days – but he is no stranger to strenuous touring cycles.

Eddie has performed his latest stand-up show, Force Majeure, in 30 countries and counting since April 2013.

The hard-touring comic also ran 27 marathons in 27 days across South Africa earlier this year, raising over £1.35m for Sport Relief.

He will perform a triple rendition of Force Majeure in three different languages – English, French and German – the day before his Portsmouth appearance, in Caen, France, to mark the 72nd anniversary of D-Day.

Eddie said: ‘I got chances from Europe that the generation before me never got .

‘Just imagine what benefits young people will get in the future.

‘This could be the biggest decision of their lives and I want to help make sure they get their chance to have their say.’

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