Emirates Spinnaker Tower deal has been troubled from the start

Spinnaker Tower's new blue look ''Picture: Shaun Roster

Spinnaker Tower's new blue look ''Picture: Shaun Roster

A computer-generated image of the planned new 120-bed hotel in Queen Street, Portsmouth     Picture: Axiom Architects

Green light for seven-storey Premier Inn hotel opposite Historic Dockyard

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THE under-fire Emirates sponsorship deal for the Spinnaker Tower has faced its fair share of problems.

The most recent controversy surrounding the agreement came after it emerged official consent has not yet been given to rebrand the landmark.

The red and white debacle led to 10,000 campaigners signing a petition calling for a complete overhaul of the Spinnaker makeover.

A huge noise was made on social media over the colour scheme given its association with Southampton Football Club.

Even Madness guitarist ‘Chrissy Boy’ voiced his disapproval when the band performed at Fratton Park, and was met with a chorus of boos when he asked fans what they thought.

But Portsmouth City Council listened and came back – after consulting the public – with a new blue, white and gold scheme.

Tory leader Donna Jones has pledged that the £3.5m Emirates will give the city will be used to support public services at a time when the government reins back the amount of money it gives councils.

Another £1.5m is set to be spent by Emirates on advertising Portsmouth as a destination on flights and in VIP lounges and magazines.

The deal was approved by Tory planning boss Luke Stubbs at a meeting on June 5, before a reception was held with city leaders and Emirates president Sir Tim Clark to celebrate the lucrative partnership.

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