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CUSTOMERS of energy firm EDF could be in line to get refunds on their old bills.

The firm says some of its customers who gave meter readings over the phone between October 2003 and May 2010 were overcharged.

Around 100,000 people across the UK were affected by the error, though for 95,000 people the amount they were overcharged came to £5 or less.

In total, EDF will repay around £200,000 because of the error, in accordance with an Ofgem ruling.

In a statement, the energy company said: ‘It is important to stress that our systems have now been changed meaning that customers now leaving meter readings via our automated telephone system will not be negatively impacted.’

Current EDF customers affected need not do anything.

Former customers who are owed £3 or less will be written to at the address held by the company.

All money should be repaid by the end of September.

If you think you are owed money, but have not had it, contact 0800 046 2012.