Firm gets UK’s biggest solar panel

Amazon has been accused of 'ruining Christmas' because of its lack of packaging

NATIONAL: Amazon accused of ‘ruining Christmas’ over lack of packaging

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A COMPANY in Waterlooville is soon to boast one of the largest rooftop solar panels in the UK.

Hampshire Cosmetics has signed a deal with Anesco Asset management for the firm to lease the cosmetic company’s 55,000sq ft roof to provide the capital to install the panels.

The installation is happening now, and it is hoped the solar cells will be producing power by the end of July. Excess energy will be sent to the national grid.

The system will provide over 20 per cent energy savings to the manufacturer, as well as improving its carbon footprint.

Robert Sanders from Hampshire Cosmetics, said: ‘This project greatly reinforces our continued commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

‘By working with Anesco Asset Management we have been able to utilise our roof space effectively and we’re impressed by the speed, customer focus and experience of the team.’