Holiday woe for Fareham couple who were sent home early

Michael and June Haye from Fareham say they have won a 'battle for the little man.'  Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142895-3)
Michael and June Haye from Fareham say they have won a 'battle for the little man.' Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142895-3)
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HOLIDAYS are meant to be relaxing events, free of stress and worry.

But for one Fareham couple, their holiday to Majorca was ruined when it was rudely cut short by four days by the travel company, which had also forgotten to tell them.

Michael Haye, 69, and his wife June, 63, excitedly booked their 11-day holiday at Thomson, in West Street, Fareham, at the start of this year.

They were left outraged when they arrived at their hotel, the Punta Del Mar, in Santa Ponzo, only to be told they were welcome to stay – but only for a week.

Retired Mr Haye, of Malvern Avenue, Fareham, said: ‘Had we known earlier that it had been cut short, then we could have gone elsewhere.

‘It was the fact that they didn’t tell us that upset us. My wife was in tears.’

There had been a change to the couple’s flights home and holiday company Thomas Cook said it told the travel agent Thomson, which had not told the couple.

Thomson said that although it had received the information, Thomas Cook had not alerted it to the change.

After complaining to the rep on holiday and not getting a satisfactory response, Mr and Mrs Haye came home and went back to the travel agents, which again passed the buck.

Mr Haye said: ‘It was looking like a case of sloping shoulders.

‘Nobody wanted to take responsibility. It was always excuse after excuse.’

After becoming exasperated chasing both companies, Mr Haye came to The News.

After a few phone calls, Thomas Cook agreed to refund the couple £268 for the four nights they had paid for and not received, plus it gave them £400 in compensation. Thomson also apologised and gave them £170 in 

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook said: ‘Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Thomas Cook, and we would like to apologise to Mr and Mrs Haye for any inconvenience.

‘It is never our intention to disappoint our customers, and we are pleased to say that this matter has now been amicably resolved.’

A spokesperson from Thomson said: ‘We would like to reassure customers that situations such as this are extremely rare.’

Mr Haye said he was pleased to finally get some recompense, albeit eight weeks after his September holiday.

He said: ‘This is not a trumpet-blowing exercise, well perhaps a little, but we feel we’ve won a battle for the little man.’