Huge machine means work can stay here

DIRECTORS From left, Peter Hill, Nick Phelps and Terry Stubington.     Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (110952-3)
DIRECTORS From left, Peter Hill, Nick Phelps and Terry Stubington. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (110952-3)
Picture: Paul Jacobs (142476-229) PPP-140824-032155001


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LARGE-SCALE precision marine engineering work does not now need to be outsourced to mainland Europe, thanks to a company in Lee-on-the-Solent.

MonsterCAM has bought a 150ft, 5-Axis, CNC milling machine which will mean British boat builders and the UK manufacturing industry as a whole can keep their work in this country.

The machine cuts fibreglass moulds, known as plugs, to a precision of 0.2mm, which is needed in the top-of-the-range yachting industry.

Orders to use the machine have already come in from manufacturers and boat builders who had previously had to send large scale work to cut hulls, decks and other superstructures abroad.

MonsterCAM Ltd is a joint venture between Peter Hill and Terry Stubington, directors of Lee-on-the-Solent boat building firm Marine Concepts, and Nick Phelps of Curvature Group, a Hertfordshire based manufacturing company.

Mr Stubington said: ‘We have such a great boat-building tradition and resource in the UK that it seemed wrong that a very large aspect of it was having to be outsourced to Europe and in some cases even as far as Australia, not least for the time and logistic implications to the clients’ important build schedules.’

The NatWest and Lombard funded £475,000 machine is the largest of its type in the UK, and the first one to be owned independently in the country.

Customers can view the plugs during the work, without the need for international travel.

NatWest business manager, Rachel Willis said: ‘They are proof that we are still as committed as ever to providing funding and helping local businesses achieve their goals.’