Magnifiers put in place to help shoppers

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READING food labels on packaging has been made easier for shoppers with poor eyesight thanks to the provision of shelf-mounted magnifiers at Southern Co-operative stores.

The Co-op has become the first retailer in the UK to install i-viewers, which are designed to help people with eyesight problems read food labels more easily.

Following successful trials in five of its Hampshire stores, The Southern Co-operative has now installed more than 380 i-viewers in around 30 stores and is rolling them out across southern England.

Steve Tremlett, head of retail business development, said: ‘We are always looking for opportunities to improve customer service. Having received very positive feedback from customers and colleagues during our i-viewer trials, we’ve been rolling these out since last Autumn in our new and refurbished stores.

‘I believe this is a very effective way of enhancing the shopping experience for customers who have eyesight problems, or who just want to be able to read product labels more easily.’