Mayor of Portsmouth praises eco-friendly work at Havant sewage works

Eastern route project plans ‘positively received’

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THE outgoing Lord Mayor of Portsmouth has visited a sewage works to find out how waste water is treated

Councillor Paula Riches was given a tour around Budds Farm, in Havant, where up to 200m litres of waste water from Portsmouth and Havant is treated each day before it is pumped back to Eastney Pumping Station and then 3.5 miles out to sea.

During her time as Mayor, Cllr Riches has also visited Eastney Pumping Station and has backed Southern Water’s campaign to get people not to pour fat, oil and grease down the drain.

She said: ‘I first became interested in Southern Water as a representative of Portsmouth City Council. I visited Eastney Pumping Station and also arranged a visit for local people to see the station. I was then interested to see the recently completed project at Eastney.

‘It obviously followed that I needed to see Budds Farm. My consort and I were amazed to see the enormous site but even more flabbergasted at the amount and volume of water that goes through the station each day.

‘It is a very interesting and eco-friendly site with a small lake which attracts bird life.’

The visit comes, however, after Southern Water has been fined almost £100,000 for allowing untreated water to spill into Langstone Harbour.