MEP rues missed chance to improve fish labelling

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SOUTH-EAST MEP Peter Skinner has spoken out about a decision to reject changing the way fish is labelled.

The Euro MP, who voted in favour of the change, says the amendment would have benefitted Hampshire fishermen and shoppers by letting them know the date the fish was caught, rather than when it was landed.

But a European Parliament majority voted against the amendment in favour of rules to state only when the fish was landed in port.

Mr Skinner said: ‘People like to know their fish is fresh but the rules agreed won’t help you if you head to a local fish market or supermarket counter.

‘We wanted to allow consumers to support the small-scale fishing boats in places like Hampshire, which go out on a daily basis and come back with smaller, fresher, catches.

‘I wanted to see labels on fish in supermarkets that show the species’ name, the area the fish was caught or farmed, the production method and date of catch so consumers can make informed choices.’

A recent Which survey revealed that eight out of ten consumers want to know the date their fresh fish is caught.