MPs fears for the very future of the letter...

UNDER FIRE Caroline Dinenage, inset, has raised concerns about the rising price of stamps
UNDER FIRE Caroline Dinenage, inset, has raised concerns about the rising price of stamps

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MP Caroline Dinenage says the huge price rise of stamps could signal the demise of the hand-written letter.

The Gosport MP was speaking out after the Royal Mail announced that a first class stamp will rise in price to 60p and a second class to 50p.

DISAPPOINTED Caroline Dinenage

DISAPPOINTED Caroline Dinenage

Ms Dinenage said: ‘It seems very expensive.

‘When so many people are using email as a preference this doesn’t do anything to encourage people to use mail.

‘It’s like the demise of the old fashioned hand-written card and letter. It’s another nail in the coffin.’

Ms Dinenage is also unhappy about the poor state of Gosport’s Post Office in the high street, and is concerned that with the increase in stamp prices, it will make things even worse for local people.

‘I know that the Royal Mail and the Post Office are two different bodies,’ she said.

‘I don’t think people would mind paying extra if they got better service.

‘But the whole experience of buying the stamps in the first place isn’t particularly pleasurable if you are in the Post Office in Gosport High Street.’

Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South, added: ‘It’s an amazingly bad move.

‘People will think “how can they justify that sort of increase?”. It’s a disaster for the service.

‘It’s a great pity because I’m a great supporter of it.

‘I much prefer letters to emails.’

Penny Mordaunt, MP for Portsmouth North, said: ‘It’s a shame to see a hike in anything of that ilk.

‘With the rise of the internet we sometimes forget that an enormous amount of stuff is done via mail.

‘I accept that these things have to happen but it is a shame.’

George Hollingbery, the MP for Meon Valley, said: ‘It’s a shocking rise, there’s no doubt about it.

‘It’s a very serious rise in prices.

‘However I want a universal postal service and if the only way to make that happen is to put the price of stamps up then I suppose we have to consider it.’

Royal Mail says the decision was made because the future of the service is at risk due to an increase in competition and a fall in the volume of mail being posted.

It also says that stamp prices in the UK are the best value in the EU.