New mobile phone app to make sure people stay safe

APPY Dan Shilcock
APPY Dan Shilcock
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PEOPLE heading out on a first date with someone they’ve met online, or social workers responding to a late-night call, will benefit from a new mobile app.

Dan Shilcock, who runs TTL Systems in Exmoor Close, Whiteley, has developed Checkon.Me for the iPhone, which alerts loved ones if there’s a problem.

To use the app, users select people in their contacts list as first responders if you get in trouble.

An alarm is set and when the person is safe, they turn it off.

If it isn’t switched off, the app will tell the first responders that help might be needed and will be given a map to the phone’s last recorded GPS location even if the phone has been damaged, turned off, or has no coverage.

The phone has an SOS alarm that can be activated if you know you’re in a situation and need help.

Dan said: ‘We’ve now developed the app to be used for business.

‘Say you’re a care worker, going into people’s houses.

‘If you set the alarm and you’re not safe in time, we’ll have a 24-hour monitoring system and we’ll start calling you, and if you don’t answer we’ll call the police.

‘There are some shocking figures out about how many people get attacked during their work.

‘And that’s why we have developed it for use in business.’

For example, the Royal College of Nursing says that more than 60 per cent of nursing staff working in the community who responded to a survey it carried out have been subjected to abuse in the past two years.

And a number of dating websites have supported the app because it helps daters meeting a stranger for the first time to stay safe.

‘It’s important for online dating sites to do everything they can to assist in people’s personal safety,’ said Jonathan Bird, managing director of Singles Warehouse.

‘From the moment that person signs up to the site you have a duty of care for their dating experience.

‘Sure, we can’t go on every date with them, but with the dater is handed another tool to stay safe.

‘It’s our responsibility to tell members about tools like this.’

The app is available at the iPhone app store, and will be developed for other phones at a later date.