Online world needs to be included in wills

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A FIRM of solicitors is urging people to remember to include their online life in their wills, as well as their offline assets.

Glanvilles Solicitors, based in Fareham and Havant, said accounts could be misplaced.

A spokesman said: ‘On receipt of a death certificate, Twitter will delete an account and Facebook will either ‘memorialise’ the account or delete it on request.

‘With other sites it depends on their terms and conditions.

‘Legislation is currently being drawn up both in the EU and the US to seek to address the issues.

‘However, these are complex and it has rightly been commented that legislation will always be the tortoise to technology’s hare.’

The firm has also said there has been an increase in people putting their account passwords directly into their will documents, which could lead to security breaches.

The spokesman added: ‘Alternatively, the will could refer to a sealed envelope securely stored with the will to contain the relevant information.’