Outline of Portsmouth’s illustrious brewing history

Mutiny Festival brought over �2m to the local economy Picture: Paul Windsor

Mutiny Festival brings £2.7m into Portsmouth economy

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Brickwoods Brewery was a prominent brewery that rose to prominence in the early half of the 20th century after it acquired dozens of breweries across the south east.

It was taken over by Whitbread in 1971 and bottling ceased to function at its base in Portsea, Portsmouth ten years later.

The brewery closed for good in 1983 and brewing was transferred to Cheltenham. In 1989 the Brickwoods headquarters was demolished except for the front and the back wall.

In recent times The Winchester Arms housed the Buckland Brewery, which supplied all of the pub’s ale, before the brewery was taken over by The Oakleaf Brewing Company in 2001. Oakleaf then moved to Mumby Road, Gosport.