Royal memories under the hammer at Southsea auction

SALE Porter Steven McCaughan with commemorative mugs  '        Picture: Allan Hutchings (121539-130)
SALE Porter Steven McCaughan with commemorative mugs ' Picture: Allan Hutchings (121539-130)
Picture: Paul Jacobs (142476-229) PPP-140824-032155001


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SEEKING everything from the kitsch to the collectable, bargain hunters packed into an auction house in Southsea to bid on royal memorabilia.

More than 100 people attended the commemorative auction at Nesbits in Clarendon Road as the venue looks forward to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June.

The royal commemoratives and memorabilia section was a welcome addition to the morning’s running order as punters looked to celebrate the forthcoming event in style by picking up nostalgic relics from royal celebrations gone by.

Among the patriotic antiques were a George V beehive honey pot, a baby’s plate featuring Princess Elizabeth from 1926, a collection of Queen Victoria mugs, plates featuring the faces of members of the royal family, and replicas of sapphire rings worn by Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cornwall.

There was a collection of souvenir copies of The News up for auction including issues commemorating the 1977 jubilee, the death of Lord Mountbatten, and royal weddings.

The most sought-after item was 25 Royal Mint commemorative silver coins in 24 boxes, which sparked a bidding war before selling for £420.

An original upholstered stool to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth proved to be another popular item, selling for more than £100.

Sellers provided a wealth of items to auction after spotting advertisements, followed by a visit by auctioneer and valuer Andy Swain, who thoroughly examines each item before taking them to auction.

More than £1,200 of memorabilia was sold during the 20-minute session.

Mr Swain said: ‘We were inundated with lots of items from the reigns of Queen Victoria, Edward VII and Queen Elizabeth II.

‘The very nature of these items is that they are mass-produced and easy for everyone to get but there are people who collect it.

‘Once people start collecting memorabilia they start to get enthusiastic and want to have everything, but I wouldn’t discourage that.’