Seminar will be a charity event

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LIFE coach Karen Williams is to hold a seminar tomorrow both to help people break through barriers to success, and also to fundraise.

She runs Self Discovery Coaching in Hilsea, and will hold the seminar at The Lounge in Fareham,between 10am and 1pm.

The £35 entry for one person, or £50 entry for two, will go to the Genesis Research Trust, which gives support to women who have lost their babies, or whose children are unwell.

Karen said: ‘Three of us are doing a Machu Picchu trek and this event is to go with that.

‘It is about personal development, and is a goal-setting exercise, finding out what is holding people back and then to help them overcome that.’

The event will also feature a board break, where participants smash a wooden board.

‘It’s to show them they can do something they thought impossible,’ added Karen.

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