Speed addict zooms into Portsmouth

FAST Richard Noble with the Bloodhound
FAST Richard Noble with the Bloodhound
Mutiny Festival brought over �2m to the local economy Picture: Paul Windsor

Mutiny Festival brings £2.7m into Portsmouth economy

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ENTREPRENEUR Richard Noble says he suffers from ‘speed disease’.

It’s an affliction he picked up as a child, when first introduced into the world of performance engineering.

And he was at the University of Portsmouth to give a lecture on the Bloodhound SSC.

It is a car that Mr Noble hopes will break the land speed record at 1,000mph.

And he said it was projects like the Bloodhound that could inspire the next generation of engineers.

He added: ‘Nothing we do is secret, and everything is published on our website.

‘Because they hide everything,

‘The satellite industry and Formula 1 can’t inspire people – but we can!’