Villagers think pink Post Office is first class

Pink2  31/01/11 ''Jo Hedger who has painted pink the Post Office in Horndean which she has taken over.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (110344-3)
Pink2 31/01/11 ''Jo Hedger who has painted pink the Post Office in Horndean which she has taken over.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (110344-3)
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POSTMISTRESS Jo Hedger has made sure her business is impossible to miss – by painting it bright pink inside and out.

The unusually-coloured Post Office has become a talking point in Horndean as villagers say they are loving the splash of colour.

Mum-of-three Jo decided on the revamp after taking over the building in Portsmouth Road last May.

Mrs Hedger, who says she is a romantic at heart, said: ‘Everywhere else is quite dull round here.

‘We wanted this place to be warm, welcoming and cosy.

‘It looks quite traditional even though we have gone a bit mad.

‘I’m a romantic. I just wanted it to be cosy and pretty.’

The post office, which has the family home next door, also painted pink, is a family venture.

Mrs Hedger, originally from Gosport, wanted a job where she could live, work and look after her husband Chris.

The 49-year-old was badly hurt in a car accident at Hindhead in 1999.

He now suffers from agonising episodes of pain across his entire body as the accident resulted in post-traumatic fibromyalgia.

The plasterer was told he would never work again, but working in the post office means he can take breaks when he needs to.

He and Jo’s father Patrick Littlefield, 65, did all the paintwork.

Mr Hedger said: ‘Jo likes pink. We thought it would brighten the place up.

‘I don’t mind pink. I don’t have a problem with it. It’s not too in your face.

‘It makes people smile when they come in and makes them happy.’

Mrs Hedger laughed: ‘Some of the men were against it. They were not sure.

‘But they all came in and said how nice it looks.

‘Some people didn’t even realise it was a post office before. People who have lived here for years didn’t realise as it blended into everything else.’

Dawn Blagden, 49, who works behind the counter, said: ‘It’s much easier for people to find when you say it’s the pink building by the roundabout. It makes a heck of a difference!’

Customer Alex Giggs, 43, of Murray Road, Horndean, said: ‘It’s brightened the place up and has been like a breath of fresh air.

‘Everyone was concerned when Gales closed what would happen to the post office here.

‘What Jo and Chris have done has been amazing.’