Wake up and smell largest ever coffee mug

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IT holds enough coffee to quench the thirst of the entire population of Portsmouth.

So this gigantic cup of coffee was a deserving winner of a Guinness World Record.

The accolade has been won by Havant-based firm De’Longhi, which built the enormous coffee mug in Canary Wharf, London.

Standing at almost 10ft high, it held a total of 13,200 litres of coffee – the equivalent of 216,000 espressos – and weighed in at 12.8 tonnes when full.

It beat the current record of 12,847.69 litres set in Puerto Rico in 2011.

The cup took a team of four designers and builders a total of 504 hours to build.

Mark Swift, De’Longhi’s marketing director at New Lane, Havant, said: ‘Where better to build the world’s largest cup of coffee than Canary Wharf – home to over 93,000 workers?

‘We hope that our Guinness World Record-breaking cup here has put a smile on their faces.’

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