THIS WEEK IN 1975: Closure storm after Havant incinerator

Havant’s £1.25m incinerator, pictured, was at the heart of closure talks after staff had been linked with a newly-built Portsmouth facility, following discussions at the County Public Protection Committee.


Trolleybuses were cool, silent and pollutant-free

You may well think I have had a love affair with the Portsmouth trolleybus system.

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THIS WEEK IN 1975: City of Portsmouth is sealed off in manhunt

Three cars rammed – including two police units – cyclists injured in a hit-and-run crash, 50 families roused from their beds, and two burglaries... that was the tally of a dramatic eight-hour manhunt across Portsmouth during the night.

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The bow of the Russian factory ship, Gorizont, protrudes from the sea 22 miles south of St Catherine's Point, Isle of Wight

THIS WEEK IN 1975: Soviet ships sinks off Isle of Wight

Russian trawlers mounted guard over the wreck of one of their sister-ships which sank after a collision with a Moroccan cargo vessel off the Isle of Wight.


THIS WEEK IN 1975: two senior Pompey directors quit their jobs

Two of Pompey’s senior directors, Guy Springings and Arthur Oliver, resigned on the evening of a vital public meeting over the club’s financial future.

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THIS WEEK IN 1975: Pompey fans flock to save their football club

Pompey launched their appeal to raise £100,000 at a stormy public meeting at the Guildhall, collecting £1,109,71p.

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Where are these arches?

Where are these arches?

You may wonder where on earth arches such as those seen in the photograph, right, could be located in Portsmouth?

Clothes, tech and dentures - some of the items lost at UK airports

Clothes, tech and dentures - some of the items lost at UK airports

Lost clothes and glasses mingle with more unusual items in the lost property boxes at the UK’s airports.

Touching farewell: Otus at John Poundss scrapyard supports a sister ship, believed to be HMS Onslaught, before being towed away

Otus: The Portsmouth submarine that refused to die...

Former News defence correspondent TIM KING could not believe his eyes when he stumbled across an old acquaintance on Germany’s Baltic coast

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The boarded up Hornpipe Arts Centre in the Oddfellows Hall building

Were you a jazzer or a folkie at this Portsmouth club?

Hands up who recognises the dilapidated entrance on the right? The feet of the columns at the top might give you a clue.

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Sussex fairy lore at Rudyard Kipling’s family home, Bateman's, this Christmas

Author Rudyard Kipling was one of the many inspired by East Sussex’s fairy tale heritage when he lived at Bateman’s, Burwash in the early twentieth century.

The submarine float passing St Mary's Church, Fratton Road,  Portsmouth, August 1912

Submarine that floated along Portsmouth streets

Now here is a rarity – a picture from August 1912 of a submarine float in a carnival.

Brits spend more time on social media than in the pub

Brits spend more time on social media than in the pub

The average British person will spend more than three years of their life updating social media, a new study has found.

Jestico's, Forton Road, Gosport, 1953

Close your eyes and you can smell the fruit and veg in this old Gosport shop

Long-standing Gosport residents will undoubtedly remember Jestico’s the greengrocer at 45-47 Forton Road.


THIS WEEK IN 1974: Suspected ‘bogus’ milkman was declared proper

Police in Southsea discovered that a suspected ‘bogus’ milkman thought to be operating in the area was, in fact, nothing more than a real milkman.

Half Moon Street between The Navy Tavern and the Common Hard.

Portsmouth street waxes and wanes down the centuries

For those who can’t place it, Half Moon Street is now considered part of Queen Street, Portsea, but at one time it was a street in its own right.

Discussing the finer points of plastering with Peter Bateup and Jim Loftus are (left to right) Mayor of Gosport GJ Hewitt, Mayor of Fareham TG Gardner, Lord Mayor of Portsmouth AG Dann, and Mayor of Havant JV Derben

THIS WEEK IN 1974: IBM ‘country garden’ became our Lakeside

Hampshire mayors met at a building site as American firm IBM planned to create an 18th century English country garden –in Portsmouth.


Massive discounts on offer on new bikes for needy Portsmouth families

FAMILIES on benefits and foster carers in Portsmouth are being offered big discounts on bikes this Christmas.

Dad went to work pushing a cart with his supplies all over Portsmouth

Dad went to work pushing a cart with his supplies all over Portsmouth

This smashing picture shows builder Charlie Brown giving his daughter Mandy and son Tim a ride in his cart about 1966.


THIS WEEK IN 1974: ‘Airy fairy’ road names confused our posties

Criticism of ‘airy-fairy fancy names’ given to some of the roads in the Portsmouth Guildhall area was dished out by Lord Mayor AG Dann.

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