Trooping the colours as Portsmouth scouts go platinum

Hundreds, if not thousands of lads – and now lasses – have passed through the 54th Portsmouth (Great Salterns) Scout Group in the past seven decades.

They might not have known it, but the crowds who packed the Historic Dockyard for Victorious Vintage in 2012 were in at the start of something good

Were you one of those who sniffed a victory in Portsmouth in 2012?

There’s always a glow of smug self-satisfaction to be able to say ‘I was there’ at the outset of something big.

Children from Somers Road who sang in the Portsmouth Music festival in April 1972.

A great piece of 1970s nostalgia from children’s music festival

here we see children from in and around Somers Road, in Somers Town, who appeared at the Portsmouth Music Festival back in April 1972.

The Rock Gardens fountain in its heyday

The magic of the Rock Gardens enthralled me

I wonder how many of you can remember when the Rock Gardens, along South Parade, were the wonder of the seafront?

Gladys Howard, a future lord mayor of Portsmouth, getting help from a mechanic.

From WPC to lord mayor

In this photograph sent in by Diana Shaw we see Gladys Howard who, Eddie Wallace tells me, was a policewoman who went on to reach the rank of Chief Inspector and later became lord mayor of Portsmouth. The photo was taken at the police headquarters in Queen’s Crescent, Southsea.

Heritage 1

Vice Admiral went from battleships to nuclear submaines

Can you think of a bigger contrast in the Royal Navy – serving in a Second World War battleship as a midshipman to commanding a nuclear submarine?

A tram bound for Horndean crosses the bridge over the buses only side road with the bridge over the railway line just ahead of it.

Tram gears up for hill climb

This fascinating photograph, which I have never seen before, was sent to me by Geoff Witte of Rowlands Castle who thought it showed a tram climbing Portsdown Hill.

A gaping hole in Highbury Buildings, Cosham, where a bomb wrecked shops and flats.

Bombed out during the blitz, but determined to survive...

I know I write regularly about the Second World War and, of course, there are many readers of these pages who survived it all. What never ceases to amaze me is how people got through it.

A lovely hand-tinted postcard showing the Royal Pier Hotel and Southsea Terrace

The train now waiting... would like a passenger

The picture above show buildings completely missed by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. It’s a view unchanged to this day.

Heritage 1
The rear entrance to Red Lion House formerly the Red Lion Inn. PPP-160727-083413001

Hard times – family of eight lived in two Portsmouth rooms

I’ve received more memories of Tudor-built Red Lion House in High Street, Old Portsmouth.

The Knights Tournament held in the grounds of Portchester Castle  Picture: Mark Rutley Photography

Swords clash with shield at Portchester Castle

HUNDREDS gasped in awe as the medieval times were brought back to Portchester Castle.

Long may they reign – the cats and dogs of warships

Long may they reign – the cats and dogs of warships

This picture was originally sent to The News in 2006 and it fits perfectly with my current theme of animals adopted by ships of the Royal Navy.

Princess Elizabeth with Minnie the dining hall cat, 1947. Picture: John Hucker.

Billy the RN goat and his amazing disappearing coat

Recent pictures here of ships’ animal mascots prompted former Evening News defence correspondent TIM KING to recall his Royal Navy National Service days... with a goat.

A view of the coach that overturned on Portsdown Hill east of the George pub.

Gather round, plenty to see here as coach crashes on hill

In the picture above we see an overturned coach surrounded by sightseers on August 8, 1939.

The wreckage of the rear carriage of the train which came from Chichester. The injured were all in this coach.

Havant train crash 1939

On July 23, I wrote about a train crash at New Lane level crossing east of Havant station in 1939.


Pictures Slideshow: Let’s remember HMS Hermes

THE DREAM to turn HMS Hermes into a luxury hotel has been shattered.

Can you get 10/10 in our retro games quiz?

Can you get 10/10 in our retro games quiz?

How well do you know your retro games?

Here we see the new' bus interchange at The Hard, Portsmouth Harbour  in 1979.

Transport hub - 1979

Why do local politicians seem to think the transport interchange at The Hard, Portsea, Portsmouth, was built in the 1950s?

Heritage 1
It might be blurred but there's no mistaking England World Cup winner Alan Ball on the right in a Scotland shirt

World Cup winner and former Pompey boss in a Scotland shirt!

If I told you that former England international, World Cup winner and Pompey manager Alan Ball once turned out in a Scotland shirt, I am sure you would accuse me of being a fantasist.

Some of the girls in the Gilbert and Sullivan production at St Luke's School, Southsea, in the 1960s

Portsmouth friends reunited thanks to Remember When

At the beginning of July Remember When published some of Sandra Langford’s pictures from her days at St Luke’s C of E Secondary School, Southsea, in the 1960s in her quest to organise a reunion. It worked.

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