A century later, this Finchdean scene has hardly changed

Chalton Road in Finchdean about a century ago. costen.co.uk
Chalton Road in Finchdean about a century ago. costen.co.uk
It would take  someone of the age of 55-plus to remember this scene along Commercial Road at the junction of Church Street.

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This glorious photograph right shows the road to Chalton at Finchdean, near Rowlands Castle. The George pub is behind the cameraman.

One wonders if these people ever left the village and, if they did, perhaps it was only to visit Rowlands Castle a mile away.

Notice the topiary behind the hedge of the thatched cottage on this winter’s day about a century ago.

Today the cottages remain although the cottage farthest from the camera has lost its thatch and that topiary.

The horse and buggy has been replaced by a car.

The sandbags are there to stop the flooding which deluged the village over the last few years when the Lavants rise.

Another winter’s day scene with a flintstone wall in place of the hedge. However, the wooden fence, although updated, remains.