A century on and those Ypres trenches of death remain

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The Rampant at the ramparts of Portchester Castle in 1967. L to r: Peter Richardson (aka Ritchie Peters  they turned his name around) vocals, Ron Hughes guitar, Ken Hughes (his brother) drums, Don Golding bass, Mick Cooper Hammond organ.

NOSTALGIA: Still Rampant after all these years – the band that just keep giving...

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This photo shows some of the remaining trench system at Sanctuary Wood a few miles from Ypres, Belgium.

To enter the maze-like complex you have to pass through a museum displaying much remaining military equipment from the First World War and it is well worth a visit.

Do take some old shoes or boots though as no matter what the time of year there is, as there always was, mud.

n I cannot, for the life of me, work out where in Arundel Street, Landport, Portsmouth, this is (below).

The picture was taken by Eddie Wallace in the mid-1950s.

The road is being widened so I think it must have been taken from the Commercial Road end of the street. Courtney & Walker’s was a music shop and a drum kit can been seen on show in the window.

If anything in this view comes to mind please let me know.