A City for 75 years

Gunwharf Quays

Gunwharf Quays

SARDINES An aerial view of Southsea to the south of the railway line between Fratton and Portsmouth & Southsea 		        Picture: Barry Cox collection

Imagine if they had done to us what we did to Berlin

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Did you know that on April 21, it will be 75 years since Portsmouth became a city? It was said at the time that it was a long overdue appointment as outside of the City of London that there was no city or town more closely associated with international courtesies.

The town had always extended gracious hospitality to visiting monarchs, ambassadors and statesmen of whom none could understand why a place of such importance should not be designated a city with a Lord Mayor as its civic chief.

Is there anyone still with us who remembers any celebrations of the event at the time? Do please let me know.

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