A fracas over Bond girl Honor

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore

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My reviews of former restaurants within the city from 30 years ago brought back a memory for former Portsmouth North Labour MP Syd Rapson, who used to live close to Murray’s restaurant in Burgoyne Road, Southsea.

Syd tells me he and his wife used to live at 25, South Parade in the 1970s and the smells from the restaurant’s kitchen used to invade their flat.

They used to drool over the aroma of food being prepared not far from their back window.

Syd says that one evening there was a mighty ruckus from the place and police were called.

It seems that Honor Blackman, who was appearing at the Kings Theatre, was dining out with her leading man.

Her husband thought he would pay a surprise visit and arrived unannounced at Murray’s.

Apparently he was not happy when he saw the two enjoying dinner and a fracas ensued.

Syd often wondered what the Bond character Pussy Galore, played by Blackman, would have made of the same scenario.

Were you in the restaurant that night by chance?

Do let me know if you saw anything.

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