A pair of vintage vehicles

An original Vauxhall VX490
An original Vauxhall VX490
Airmen and  officers pose for the camera on and around a Lancaster bomber.

NOSTALGIA: Wings across the Tarmac – the legendary Lancaster bomber

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The photo produced last week of the North End junction with the police officer on point duty directing traffic reminded Althea Patey, of Havant, of the time her grandmother tried to get the officer a break.

She said that she used to live in Angerstein Road and there seemed to be two regular officers on point duty. One was tall, well built and ruddy faced and Althea called him Cheerful. The other was more serious and she called Moanalot. Not to his face of course, Althea added.

A Vanguard Estate in the early 1960s.

A Vanguard Estate in the early 1960s.

Althea’s grandmother was always about North End and noticed how often PC Moanalot was on duty and she went to the police station to speak to the sergeant.

She told him that the officer was on duty in all weathers and that he should be given more breaks.

Shortly after, the officer knocked on the door and thanked Althea’s gran for speaking up for him.

Whether it did any good is not recorded.

Some of the old cars seen in the photographs last week were identified by our local car spotter Geoff Bell who says that there was a Morris Minor 1000 and maybe an Austin A40 Somerset. Or an Austin A70 Hereford. Where are these names today?

Geoff says that although modern cars are much better, there was something about the cars in the photographs that gave them character that made them so likeable.

Quite right Geoff, I still have pangs for my Vauxhall VX490 with bench seats, the gear lever well forward for knee room, floor change switch next to the clutch pedal for full beam and a boot that could take a full drum kit, minus the bass drum of course.

Talking of old cars, take a look at Martin Jenkins’ photo of a Vanguard Estate taken on a Portsmouth street in the early 1960s and in full colour.