Barry’s lurve-ly voice

Barry White
Barry White
The Rampant at the ramparts of Portchester Castle in 1967. L to r: Peter Richardson (aka Ritchie Peters  they turned his name around) vocals, Ron Hughes guitar, Ken Hughes (his brother) drums, Don Golding bass, Mick Cooper Hammond organ.

NOSTALGIA: Still Rampant after all these years – the band that just keep giving...

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You will all remember the late Barry White and no doubt know of Len Goodman, who has been in charge of the Paul O’Grady Show on BBC Radio 2 for the past month.

And what a brilliant show he has put on as well.

The other Sunday he played a Barry White number with that wonderful deep, husky voice and the lyrics had plenty of ‘luuuurrrve’ in them.

At the end Len said: ‘Wouldn’t it have been good if Barry White had been a Wimbledon tennis umpire?’

Then Len mimicked White in a deep voice and said: ‘Fifteen luuuurrrve. Luuuurrrve thirty.’

Great stuff Len. I was still laughing an hour later.