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The Princess Anne was the fourth SRN4 built at BHC Cowes. The other five  were: The Princess Margaret, Swift, Sure, The Sir Christopher and The Prince of Wales.

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More memories today of the recently-demolished Portsdown Main building on the top of Portsdown Hill.

Keith Wort sent this picture, which he believes was taken in 1952 and shows the Art Deco building under construction in the background.

It was taken at Hillside Junior School, Paulsgrove, as a memento of a demonstration of country dancing at the girls’ sports day.

Keith’s sister is the dancing girl facing right to the right of the window in the right hand building.

And Keith can just be glimpsed in the centre of the photograph with their mum wearing a thick-looking coat.

But he added: ‘The reason I am sending it that at the top of the picture, framed between the two school buildings, can be seen the Portsdown Main building under construction.

‘This building graced our northern skyline for most of my life but, regrettably, it is now in the process of demolition. It will be a sad loss to me and, I suspect, many others.’

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