Chichester Cross then and now

Chichester Cross  in the 1930s. Picture:  Paul Costen collection

Chichester Cross in the 1930s. Picture: Paul Costen collection

David  Yates, right, outside 23, Garnier Street, Fratton. The original  front room of the  house is where he is  standing.

Spirit of the Portsmouth blitz: bacon and eggs served on a newspaper

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Here we see Chichester in the 1930s with an RAC man making a note.

We are in West Street looking east towards the Market Cross. The tall elm trees give some shade to the lovely-looking cars and a farmer, perhaps, comes towards us with a horse and trap.

Chichester Cross today.

Chichester Cross today.

The Dolphin and Anchor Hotel also had a garage. So much gentler an age, it seems.

The second picture shows the same vista last Sunday and most of the trees are long gone, as are the cars and RAC man.

The buildings on the corner of South and East Street remain the same as do the six chimney pots now out of use high above.

West Street pavement has been widened as the road is now a one-way bus lane, although that does not interfere with the white van man.

The former hotel is now the Dolphin and a Wetherspoon’s public house.

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