Do you remember Portchester Drapery Bazaar?

David  Yates, right, outside 23, Garnier Street, Fratton. The original  front room of the  house is where he is  standing.

Spirit of the Portsmouth blitz: bacon and eggs served on a newspaper

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Some weeks ago I mentioned the Portchester Drapery Bazaar at Fratton, as opposed to the Landport Drapery Bazaar in the city centre, and asked if anyone remembered the shop.

I received a letter from a woman who tells me she lived with her mother at Buckland until 1971.

She is sure the PDB was where she bought material for several sets of curtains she made.

She says the material was so good the curtains are still in use after 50 years, albeit hanging in a small bedroom used for storage.

The shop was at 278-280 Fratton Road, between St Mary’s Road and Cardigan Road.

The latter has long since disappeared.

So there we are, does anyone else remember the PDB?

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