Electric service installed

West Street, Fareham, 1920

West Street, Fareham, 1920

The Princess Anne was the fourth SRN4 built at BHC Cowes. The other five  were: The Princess Margaret, Swift, Sure, The Sir Christopher and The Prince of Wales.

Hovercraft that crossed Channel in 40 minutes with 400 passengers

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This street scene shows West Street, Fareham, in 1920, but the tramway came late to the town.

The electric service was installed in Gosport after a lengthy wrangle between the council and Mr AW White, the owner of the original horse-drawn service.

The council wished to compulsorily buy the trams so a dispute developed which White won eventually.

He sought permission to extend the Gosport line to Fareham, Portchester and Cosham, but in the end the tramway ended at Fareham mainly because of strong opposition from the London and South Western Railway Company.

A new power station was built at Hoeford and the first tram ran on October 27, 1905.

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