Entertaining sailors

Mary Sutton
Mary Sutton
Hampshire's Jimmy Gray and Roy Marshall walk out to open the batting at Burnaby Road in a 1950s match

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I was watching a film last week called Time of Our Lives and, in a scene in a theatre, the late Tessie O’Shea was getting the audience to sing along with her.

I wonder if any of you know this young lady? Her name is Mary Sutton and she did the same thing in Portsmouth theatres when they were full of sailors wanting entertainment.

I know she appeared regularly at the Theatre Royal in Commercial Road and also at the Embassy in Fawcett Road.

She had the same singing style as the great Deanna Durban, so would have been appreciated by the audience when she got them all singing along at the top of their voices.

If you knew of Mary, please drop me a line. Thank you.