Final stages of construction on the Langstone Bridge we know today

Langstone Bridge, Hayling Island, 1956
Langstone Bridge, Hayling Island, 1956
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This is Langstone Bridge at Hayling Island in 1956.

As with any island in the age of the internal combustion engine, vehicular access is of paramount importance.

The original road bridge was opened in September 1824. The Duke of Norfolk performed the ceremony accompanied by local dignitaries Sir George Staunton and William Padwick.

As time went on and Hayling became a popular resort for discerning visitors, there was just one topic of conversation – the toll.

While it obviously deterred the masses from invading the genteel resort, it also became a needless barrier to increased trade for local businessmen and an extra cost for residents.

By the 1920s and 30s a toll was considered to be a relic of the past.

The picture shows the final stages of the construction of the present bridge which was completed in 1956.