Foiled by Foyle’s War

A copy of the Eastbourne  Chronicle from an episode of Foyles War

A copy of the Eastbourne Chronicle from an episode of Foyles War

March 1962 and a naval rating signals Halt to more conventional traffic as the Saunders-Roe SRN1 crosses the seafront at Lee-on-the-Solent and returns to HMS Ariel, now the site of the Hovercraft Museum. Roles such as anti-submarine warfare, air-sea rescue and mine countermeasures were foreseen.						                                Pictures courtesy Amberley Publishing

Spotlight hovers over Lee-on-the-Solent museum

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I was watching an edition of the superb wartime detective series Foyle’s War from a box set I received for Christmas and spotted an error.

In the episode called Fifty Ships one of the cast is reading a newspaper. A close-up of the item on the side of the paper reads is headlined ‘Actress Dies on Stage.’

I just happened to see the words ‘Portsmouth Hippodrome’ which grabbed my interest. I stopped the film and read that the paper was the Eastbourne Chronicle of Wednesday, September 14, 1940.

The report read: Monday. Actress dies on stage at the Portsmouth Hippodrome.

I researched the item and found that before an audience of 2,000 the actress Connie Rhodes, the wife of the leading actor Len Clifford, was in a revue written by the couple.

In her part she had to run on to the stage to greet her husband which she did but then collapsed.

Some thought she had fainted but in fact she had died, She was just 30. She was taken to hospital by ambulance and, believe it or not, the play continued.

On researching the story I discovered the incident actually happened four years before on the evening of June 10, 1936.

The producer must have got hold of a paper from the time and adjusted the headline and date by computer but forgot to change the lesser stories on the page.

Nice to have eagle eyes eh?

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