Forge became a shop and phone box replaced pond at Warblington

The Green Pond, Warblington, pre-1914
The Green Pond, Warblington, pre-1914
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A carter has led his horse to drink while a gaggle of pinafored girls looks on.

This was Green Pond Corner, Warblington, near Havant, caught on a summer’s day before 1914 in a picture from The News archive.

In the background is the blacksmith’s forge with its adjoining houses.

The forge was owned by a Mr Harden and that might just be him standing in the door.

Immediately below is the same view, taken from the same point at the junction of Southleigh Road and Emsworth Road, in October 1990.

A phone box, litter bin and bench are now roughly where the cart had halted in the pond.

The outline of the forge roof can still be seen on the right hand end of what had now become the One Stop convenience store.