Four ‘handsome’ firemen

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Can you name the kitchen maids in this picture which is owned by Robert Scott

Forget-us-not, Portsmouth schoolboys’ humour from the 1920s

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On July 29 I published a photo of members of the Portsmouth Police Fire Brigade on exercise in Edinburgh Road in 1939.

My regular correspondent Eddie Wallace has told me the names of the four handsome (his word) firemen to the right of the photo.

From the left we see Bob Firbank, who later became the First Fire Officer when Somers Road Fire Station opened.

Next is Tom Lewis, who was a member of the John Lewis shopping empire family. He joined the RAF and was killed on a bombing raid over Berlin.

Next is Eddie himself, who later joined the army and took part in the D-Day landings.

On returning home he rejoined the police and made sergeant.

Finally, on the right is Phil Moseley who joined the RAF and later became a pilot for BOAC.

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