Grandparents ran grocer’s shop for nearly 30 years

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The new trackbed for the Horndean Light Railway looking south across the bridge over Southwick Hill Road, Cosham, about 1903.

NOSTALGIA: Ready and waiting, the shiny new tracks climbing Portsdown Hill

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Last week William King asked if readers remembered anything about this old grocers shop in Buckland, Portsmouth.

It was owned by his grandparents Mr and Mrs W Griffin who featured in the photograph.

Lorraine Mitchell got in touch to confirm it was 127 Hertford Street where she lived for the first two years of her life, 1953-1955, with her parents and maternal grandparents.

She said: ‘The shop was at that time owned by my grandparents, Alfred and Emily Matthews, who bought the shop from William (Billy) Griffin in either 1934 or 1935.

‘Mr and Mrs Matthews continued to live there and run the grocery shop, of which I have fond memories, until 1961 when it was bought by the council under a compulsory purchase order. The properties in the area were demolished to make way for new development.’

Lorraine added: ‘Turning in from Kingston Road, Hertford Street was about half-way down Sultan Road, on the left. The shop was on the corner, at the junction with Cressy Place. There was a public house on the opposite corner.’

She said her mother has an almost identical photo of the shop front with her parents outside and ‘AG Matthews’ written above the window and recalls they bought their supplies from Gray’s wholesalers in Sultan Road.