Grateful Portsmouth thanks for surviving the Great War

The poster for the Thanksgiving Service.

The poster for the Thanksgiving Service.

A picture believed to show the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Denis Daly, visiting Marchants Hill, 1940

Six evacuees killed as mortar exploded in camp dormitory

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This is a poster that was put up for a Portsmouth service of thanksgiving on the Town Hall steps on Sunday, November 19, 1918, marking the end of the First World War.

It very much reflects the ‘blood and thunder’ of the age and the certainty that God was on our side all the time.

It always makes me smile when I read the wording at the bottom of these posters which makes the event sound like a village fete. ‘If wet, in the church hall’. In this case it is: ‘If unfavourable weather, in the Town Hall [now the Guildhall].

After reading the poster and what it says about The Great Ruler of the Universe I should have thought it dare not rain.

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