Hair-raising results in Portsmouth

The advert in the Evening News nearly a century ago.
The advert in the Evening News nearly a century ago.
Portsmouth in 1717 (from William Gates History of Portsmouth, 1900)

NOSTALGIA: A seed of learning planted 300 years ago that’s blossomed into Portsmouth Grammar School

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I wonder what trading standards would say about this advert if it were placed in today’s newspaper?

As someone who is bald, er, sorry ‘follicly challenged’ as they say in these PC days, I would have liked to see what Mr TA Wootton, of Great Southsea Street had on offer.

If his formula was a success he doubtlessly lived in a large house in the finest part of Southsea. But somehow I doubt it.

I think it is trick photography with the top photographs being over-exposed to make the sailor look bald and the lower ones under-exposed to make him look like his hair has grown again. Look at the two different shades of the collar.

Whether Mr Wootton made his fortune out of his wonder product I cannot say, but his business shut down before the war.