Half a century on, greenery dominates the street scene

Christ Church and Staunton Street in 1961
Christ Church and Staunton Street in 1961
The Rampant at the ramparts of Portchester Castle in 1967. L to r: Peter Richardson (aka Ritchie Peters  they turned his name around) vocals, Ron Hughes guitar, Ken Hughes (his brother) drums, Don Golding bass, Mick Cooper Hammond organ.

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In the black and white photo we see a view across to All Saints’ Church with Church Street and Staunton Street. It was taken by former City of Portsmouth policeman Eddie Wallace in 1961.

I believe the pub to be The Sun, with the Brickwoods lorry outside. It’s a long time since it served its last pint.

Christ Church and Staunton Street today

Christ Church and Staunton Street today

To the left of the church can be seen the rear of the Country House, a very large pub standing in Commercial Road.

In the modern picture we see the same view today, taken from where Eddie once stood.

The boarded-up shop has long gone and Church Street has had its course altered to enter Commercial Road via Wingfield Street and the ABC roundabout.

The abundance of trees and shrubbery now brings a lot more colour to the photograph.

· Correction: In a previous version of this article I referred to Christ Church in Church Street, Portsmouth. Of course I should have said All Saints’ Church.