Harking back to ‘well old’,
colourful days of the ’80s

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THIS WEEK IN 1993: Gift of life put on ice – surgeon preserves transplant organs

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A welcome splash of summer colour today reminding us that Remember When should not be limited to the days of black and white photography, as hugely interesting as those old prints are.

I know I bang on about this at regular intervals, but we now have 12-year-olds who think the 1990s were ‘the olden days’ and that anyone born in 1989 is ‘well old’.

So thanks to John Kirby, of Clarence Parade, Southsea, for today’s picture which take us back to 1980 and the arrival in Southsea of a bus from Winchester.

It is passing the Pleasurama complex which included nightclubs, cafés and an amusement arcade.

Seriously, all your pictures are, of course, warmly welcomed no matter how old.

But a regular supply from more recent times, perhaps even some from the 21st century, would add to the marvellous mélange that goes to make up these daily website pages.