Here’s plenty more monkey business

Here are Annette, Stuart and Nicholas Hoare in 1971.

Here are Annette, Stuart and Nicholas Hoare in 1971.

Alan Sanger and his cousin Audrey (with their backs to the camera) are in the centre of this historic blitz picture taken at Fratton.

Bomb site boy is revealed, 76 years after blitz on Portsmouth

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The man who ran the photographic business with his monkeys at Clarence Pier, Southsea, must have made his fortune. Everyone seems to have had a picture taken.

This week we’ve got (above) Annette, Stewart and Nicholas Hoare in 1971. Mrs Hall, of Cowplain, tells me they all now live in the Waterlooville area.

Then we have (right) Sandra Williams (née Goodall) who was photographed at the pier in 1966.

And finally (below, right) there are the Davey children – Neil, three with the candyfloss, seven-year-old Paul and Jaquie, nine.

They were the children of Mrs P Davey, of Purbrook, who tells me the photographer was a Mr Critchlow.

Do catch these pages next Saturday when I will publish a photograph of one of the monkeys in a pram with a nine-month-old boy and it is hugging the baby’s head. It’s a scary picture.

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