How many of you remember the Comfort fabric softener television adverts from the 1970s?

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Happy memories of my Ursula, the Comfort baby of the 1970s

The catchy backing vocals were ‘Do do dododo do do doo, softness is a thing called Comfort’ and then the actor Joss Ackland did the voiceover.

Nine-month-old Ursula in the 1979 Comfort advert.

Nine-month-old Ursula in the 1979 Comfort advert.

Well, the nine-month-old baby in the advert was none other than my daughter Ursula, who is now in her mid-30s and has a lovely daughter of her own, the ever-smiling Verity who is, you’ll forgive me for saying, the light of my life.

I saw an advert in the Daily Telegraph, applied and was invited to a photographic studio behind the Ritz Hotel in London for the shoot.

Ursula was accepted and a few weeks later we went to Shepperton Studios for the filming which took place over four days.

A few months later while watching the television, the advert came on and I nearly fell out of my chair.

When the advert recently appeared on You Tube I nearly hugged my computer screen, seeing my little girl as she was as a baby. It had a bit of an effect on me, actually.